Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting ready to put one more back on the road!

Hello! I have been restoring vintage travel trailers for a while now and my goal is to turn this into a career. Some of the biggest obstacles seem to be finding them here in upstate New York and trying to work on them in the winters. I found one though! Right now this Shasta 16SC from 1961 is sitting in Alexandria Bay, New York and I have a transport company delivering it to me on Saturday! Yippee! Then it will be time to get to work and bring it back to it's old glory!
Here is a photo of it!

I am hoping it looks something like the one above it, which I restored several years ago when I had a partner in this venture. He has since retired. That one is named Old Glory. She went to a family in Massachusetts and then was picked up by a new owner. Right now, it is in Hollywood sitting on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean serving as a quarters for a movie producer is going to be in the movie! Yep, I am pretty proud of that restoration! Can not even explain the state of shock I was in when I found out that tidbit of information. I never would have imagined!! 

Since that time I have continued to restore trailers one by one. My goal is to have a shop again (had to let go of that when my partner left) and restore these on a full time basis. It would be nice to eventually be able to hire a few extra helping hands and to have several of these oldies going at once. But that is still in the dream. For now....I am focusing on this one and one way or another I am going to get it done and keep going until I accomplish all those other things. 

So, I started talking to some business people about ways to get this thing kick started and I was told about crowd funding. I signed up. I explained who I am and what I am trying to accomplish with this trailer. Here is the clickable link if you would like to check it out either to donate or for your own endeavors....

From what I have learned some of these projects and ventures are pretty successful! It is a coming together of people in an effort to network and pool their money to support others such as those seeking assistance for disaster relief, support of artists, start up company funding, movie producing, software production, inventions and lots of other things too. If you have something that you want to persue but just can't seem to find the funding to do so...then check this site out! This is America after all. And I believe hard working individuals still have a shot of persuing their dreams and being successful at it. I am not one to ask for help but it was explained to me that this money is taxable and counts as income so you should consider it as earned. And oh yeah...I plan on earning it! If you are willing to work hard, never give up, learn on a daily basis how to make things better and simply hang in there even when the going gets is possible! You just have to believe in yourself! Of course, it always helps to have others believe in you as well. Does for me anyway! I call my fans my cheerleaders! Love them!

If you would like to check out my other blogs and trailer restorations just click on the links on the sidebar. You will find them very interesting! If you would like to donate to this cause, it is much appreciated and you can click the link at the top of the page. If you just want to leave a comment and an encouraging word or two that is fine too. Sometimes peoples words of encouragement really keep me going after a long day restoring. If you need to contact me please do so by clicking this link:

Old Glory Vintage Travel Trailer Restorations

I will be starting a blog about the restoration process of this trailer and with or without funding I am going to do this. That's just the way I am. It's been a long haul. Sometimes I run out of steam, sometimes I even use what some would refer to as antique tools and sometimes I get stumped. Perseverance is the key because the feeling you get when you complete one of these comparison!  This is my dream and there is no way I am giving up on it! I love these old trailers!

Here are some more pics of the one I plan to restore. It's a little rough right now but in good shape overall and a great candidate to work with.

Here is the street side view
Below show the front.
Here you can see the kitchen area and side bed. That folds out to be a double bed. And way in the back there is a tiny little bathroom on the right!

Here is the stove/oven and the old fashioned ice box.
 Both of these need to be spruced up!

This shows a fold down table in the front. There is one
 on each side of the bench that folds out into another bed. 
Curtains and upholstery will be replaced for sure!
A better view of the front area.

Here is what lights it all up...the fuse box!

The closet.

Original propane light! 
Can't wait to clean it up and get it lit again!

Original electric lighting. 
This too will be made to look like new again!

 This trailer is all original and still has it's wings! Together, we are going to fly! When I get started on it I will post a link to the blog about it's restoration if you would like to follow along and join me in the restoration. I also have a facebook page if you would like to visit and check out some of my previous restoration photos and other interesting stuff. You can find it here:

Here are links to some of my other blogs where you can find out more about the work I do, my dedication to this trade and a few of the trailers I have restored!

I hope you enjoy these! If you have one you are restoring you know exactly what it is like. Or maybe you want one that is already restored and love looking at what is out there. Whatever brought you here, I thank you and I hope that you will follow along with me on this wonderful journey. And whatever your dreams are...hold on to them and never let them go!